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NSW Influenza Update

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NSW Influenza Update

Key Points for General Practitioners:

  1. Influenza activity is high with multiple strains circulating
  2. Continue to encourage vaccination for high-risk patients
  3. Consider early antiviral therapy for suspected and confirmed influenza infection in high-risk patients.


  • The winter influenza season started earlier than usual this year.
  • Influenza surveillance has detected a marked increase in activity in the past few weeks. Influenza activity is likely to be at its peak activity now or in the next few weeks.
  • Several strains of influenza are circulating widely in the NSW community – the A(H3N2) strain is predominant but B strains are also common.
  • There circulating strains appear to be well matched to the 2017 influenza season vaccines, and there is no evidence of antiviral resistance.

Full NSW Influenza Update from NSW Health

For further information see the influenza website – http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/flu.

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