NSW Health Advises When New Pertussis Containing Vaccine DTPa Will Be Available

A pertussis containing vaccine (DTPa) will be introduced onto the National Immunisation Schedule for all 18 month old children in March/April 2016.

It is anticipated that vaccine will be available in mid to late March 2016.

The program will commence when vaccine is available.

Frequently asked questions:

When can I order?
When vaccine becomes available, the online vaccine order form at: https://nsw.csldirect.com.au will be amended to include DTPa vaccine. Ring the State Vaccine Centre on 1300 656 132 if you have not already registered for online ordering.

Which vaccines will be used?
DTPa is a diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough childhood combination vaccine. Both Infanrix® and Tripacel® vaccines will be supplied.

Should I use another vaccine such as Infanrix IPV® or Boostrix® in the meantime?
No, all 18 month olds can be vaccinated when DTPa vaccine is available. Boostrix® is not appropriate for use in children.

When will children be regarded as due/overdue on ACIR?
The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register will regard children born from 1 October 2014 as due for the vaccination at 18 months (from April 2016) and overdue at 19 months (from May 2016).

Is this vaccine required for family assistance payments?
Children born from 1 October 2014 will require DTPa vaccine for their family assistance payments.

Where can I get further information?
See www.immunise.health.gov.au or www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation/.