Northern Sydney Frailty Initiative – Hospital Frailty Screening now LIVE

Hornsby Hospital has now commenced a new Frailty screening and management trial for patients aged 75 and over. Two wards at Hornsby Hospital managing aged care, general medical, neurology and dementia patients will now be screened on admission using the .

Patients who receive a positive score will be monitored and have management plans put in place. The management strategy will include General Practice follow-up post discharge.

You will start to see information on your patients discharge summaries highlighting their frailty score and management follow up suggestions and requirements.

For more information on the Northern Sydney Frailty Initiative and the “Frail Scale” screen and management suggestions, please CLICK HERE to read the Frailty Initiative brochure or contact Sydney North Primary Health Network.

You can find out more on the Sydney North Health Network website by CLICKING HERE

Or IF YOU ARE A GP you can log into Sydney North HealthPathways by CLICKING HERE