Education Events – Sep ’16

Education Events – Sep ’16

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Connecting Asthma Care Symposium

When: October 13th 2016, Chatswood

For the first time in Australia, Associate Professor Helen Reddel will present the recently completed report into the experiences of patients living with severe refractory asthma.

Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world and while current asthma treatments are mostly very effective, 5‐10% of people have severe refractory asthma, i.e. asthma that does not respond adequately even to high dose treatment.

People with severe asthma face a sizeable burden in their day‐to‐day lives, over and above that of people with milder disease. Yet until this study little has been known about the life experiences of these patients, since very few qualitative studies have specifically researched people with severe asthma.

Associate Professor Reddel’s presentation will focus on:

  • Patients perceptions regarding the impact of asthma and asthma treatment on their quality of life and capacity to have the kind of life they want.
  • What management of severe asthma involves.
  • Patients’ experiences of medication use including side effects.

This report is the result of a project jointly conducted by Dr Juliet Foster, Associate Professor Helen Reddel and Dr Michael Guo of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and Associate Professor Vanessa McDonald of the Hunter Medical Research Institute, in partnership with Asthma Australia.

CLICK HERE to register or for more information, or email Robyn McKern at mrmckern@asthmafoundation.org.au

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