Community News – Feb ’16

Community News – Feb ’16

Parenting Education

It’s often said: parenting doesn’t come with a guide book. The Resourcing Parents website is the next best thing.

Resourcing Parents provides parenting education information to parents and carers of children aged 0-18 years. The calendar of Parenting Education programs is current and the site is funded by the NSW government to support families.

Term 1 courses have commenced.

CLICK HERE for information on courses in Sydney’s North

Workshop and Professional Development Opportunity for People Working with Children that have Suffered Trauma

For those who work with children that have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect, benchmarks of ‘normal’ child development can become unclear due to continuous exposure to families with vulnerabilities and challenges.

This workshop allows participants to consider how they ‘return their baselines to the norm’, outlining and demonstrating some techniques based on purposeful infant observation and empathic attunement to young children and infants.

It also aims to give those working with children and families tools for their work with parents / carers to encourage attunement through observation while taking account of research in the fields of resilience, early brain development and trauma more generally.

This will be linked with consideration of ‘good enough’ vs optimal parenting and the importance of caregiver warmth, attentiveness and attunement.

Course Details:

Date: 22-23 Mar 2016

Trainer: Carolyn Cousins,

Location: RNSH St Leonards

RSVP: 23/02/2016

Target Group:

Child protection counsellors, child sexual assault workers, child and family health counsellors and workers who see children and families in a clinical setting.

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Almas Homayunfard
P: (02) 9840 4347
E: almas.homayunfard@health.nsw.gov.au

Organ donation to become one-step, online process

In Australia organ donor rates are currently low. However following an independent review into organ donation and transplantation, the government has shown it’s committed to improving the rates of organ donation because simply, organ donation saves lives.

Among the review recommendations is that registering to be an organ donor should be made a much easier process. So starting this May, the government will deliver a one-step, online process that will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

To encourage all Australians to support organ donation and register the Federal government will also run an awareness campaign.

CLICK HERE for the media release

To Join the Australian Organ Donors Register CLICK HERE

Learning about living with multiple medicines use

NPS Medicinewise supports a Living with Multiple Medicines project which shares the experiences of people that take five or more medicines. They share their personal stories on a wide range of topics including problems they have with their medications; storing medications; changing medications.

The information which includes videos can help people, in a similar situation, understand more about multiple medicines use.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Living with Multiple Medicines Project

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