Clinical News – March ’17

Clinical News – March ’17

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Research Update – Referrals to Clinical Hypnotherapists

This article will outline the clinical hypnotherapy efficacy for a number of conditions, who and how to refer your patients. With clinical hypnotherapy research demonstrating efficacy more informative referrals will assist to improve patient outcomes. This outline is intended to assist with those referrals. The responsiveness of the patient and suitability of the referral both play a part in achieving the intended health outcomes.

Literature reviews (Cowen, 2016; Davis, 2016) outlined research showing efficacy has been demonstrated in the areas of irritable bowel syndrome (Banerjee & Colón, 2010; Gholamrezaei, Ardestani, & Emami, 2006; Lindfors et al., 2012; Webb, Kukuruzovic, Catto-Smith, & Sawyer, 2007; Whitehead, 2006), anxiety disorders (Bryant, Moulds, Guthrie, & Nixon, 2005; Leary, 2003; Plaskota et al., 2012; Tyrer & Baldwin, 2006; Watson & Rees, 2008), obesity (Byom, 2010; Sapp, Obiakor, Scholze, & Gregas, 2007), rehabilitation (Kisely, Campbell, Skerritt, & Yelland, 2010; Plaskota et al., 2011), pain control (Abdeshahi, Hashemipour, Mesgarzadeh, Shahidi Payam, & Halaj Monfared, 2013; Diers & Flor, 2012; Gulewitsch, Muller, Hautzinger, & Schlarb, 2013) and sleep (Plaskota et al., 2012). Research into sexual disorders have been promising but require more research (Pukall, Kandyba, Amsel, Khalifé, & Binik, 2007).

The qualifications held by clinical hypnotherapists fall into two categories being government accredited and/or professional accreditation. Each category can be equally appropriate for patient outcomes. Additional professionalism is encompassed by membership of one of the three main professional associations being:

Identification is possible by the post nominal acronyms of MAHA, MASCH and MASH respectively. Each organisation has unique membership requirements but all members have completed hypnosis/hypnotherapy training.

It is suggested that the referral include all the standard history with an emphasis on any mental health issues and/or associated medications and referral comments. It is useful to highlight medications with dual actions.

Article prepared by Dr. Leon W. Cowen
AdvDipCH, PhD (Clinical Hypnotherapy)
Enquiries: Dr Leon W. Cowen, tel (02) 9415 6500 or email leon@aah.edu.au

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