New restrictive practice legislation: what prescribers need to know

Date: Sep 1, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM
The webinar will outline the changes introduced by the Australian Government from 1 July 2021 for aged care providers, including the requirements that must be demonstrated prior to any restrictive practice being used.
The session will outline assessments required by approved health practitioners who may prescribe a restrictive practice, the new requirement for a ‘restrictive practice substitute decision-maker’ if a person does not have capacity to give informed consent for that practice, and discuss the context of restrictive practice in relation to behaviour support. There will also be the opportunity for discussion about electronic prescribing, and areas for improvement that will foster better collaborative discussions between consumers, GP’s and our aged care organisation.Target audience: GPs who visit residential aged care facilities and other health practitioners who may be involved in supporting consumers living in residential care

Dr Allan Shell – Academic GP, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Psychiatry, UNSW Sydney.

Dr Jacqueline Wesson – Dementia Consultant and Research Fellow, Montefiore
Thomas Kramer – General Manager, Residential Care Services Montefiore

Q&A session: Presenters will be joined by Professor Henry Brodaty and Sabrina Scandurra