New palliative care helpline: 1800 870 155

Are you providing care for older people who may be nearing the end of their life? You can now call the newly established ELDAC Helpline on 1800 870 155 to help you connect with:

  • Evidence-based palliative care tools, information and resources
  • Your local HealthPathways provider
  • The correct contact person or service for your query.

Calls are free from any fixed line phone in Australia and you can also email eldac.helpline@flinders.edu.au with your query.

The ELDAC team look forward to speaking with you soon.

eldac infographic

To find out more or obtain information on assessment, management and local referral options, access Sydney North HealthPathwaysPalliative Care pathways, or contact healthpathways@snhn.org.au for access details.