New FASD diagnostic tool

New FASD diagnostic tool

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) often goes undiagnosed, which can lead to more problems for people experiencing this condition. That’s why a new diagnostic tool has recently been developed, to assist health practitioners diagnose FASD and help people get the support they need to manage the condition. This tool is the result of the FASD action plan.

FASD describes a variety of physical, cognitive and developmental problems that someone may experience due to their mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy. The most obvious symptoms are facial abnormalities which are only present in the most severe cases. However, the behavioural, organ and learning problems that are also caused by FASD are often not picked up or are attributed to another condition.

FASD is not just a woman’s issue, and partners and communities need to be involved in supporting them during pregnancy.

It’s a good time to become familiar with the guidelines and share them with colleagues and your wider community.

Source: Alcohol and Drug Foundation