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New Diabetes and Emotional Health Resources


The National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) has released a Diabetes and Emotional Health handbook and toolkit (developed as part of the National Diabetes Services Scheme Mental Health and Diabetes National Development Programme).

The handbook has been designed as an evidence-based, practical resource to enable health professionals to identify, address, and communicate about emotional problems during consultations with adults with diabetes.

The handbook is accessible for free here: www.ndss.com.au/onlineresources-for-health-professionals. Please note you will need to register your details in order to access it.

Fact Sheets

A number of fact sheets have also been developed for the community. They provide information about the psychological topics covered in the chapters of the handbook, tips about what people with diabetes can do when they experience particular problems and where they can get further support. The fact sheets cover the following topics:

The fact sheets are available here: https://www.ndss.com.au/diabetes-and-emotional-health.