Menopause Education Webinar for Clinicians

A case-by-case guide to managing menopause presentations, including complex cases and special considerations.

Overview:  The online education sessions will include a presentation of one or more of case studies followed by a short presentation.  In the upcoming education session we will discuss a patient with secondary amenorrhoea at an early age, including differential diagnosis, complications of preexisting medical conditions and long term management in a forum of use to both specialists and family physicians

Audience:  This free online event is aimed primarily at GPs, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, nurses and allied health professionals.

Date & Time:  Monday 25 March 2024, 6pm – 7pm

Register here 

CPD certificates will be available for self reporting. Registration is essential to receive the zoom link. Registrants will then be emailed with information for future
MenoECHOTM sessions which will be held bimonthly.

For further information: ausmenoecho@gmail.com