Measles Update

A high risk of measles continues in NSW and our region. Infants can now receive MMR from 6 months of age if travelling or exposed to measles. Check vaccination history of all patients planning travel and offer FREE measles vaccine if required. Isolate suspected cases immediately and call the public health unit

Since December 2018, there have been 36 infectious cases of measles in NSW. Several infectious cases have spent time in busy public places such as hospitals, shopping centres, planes, trains and backpacker hostels. Infants too young to be routinely vaccinated (<12 months), and those who have not received two doses of measles containing vaccine are at highest risk. Suspect measles in people with fever and rash irrespective of travel history. All doses of measles vaccine are FREE in NSW, including for infants, children and adults up to 53 years of age (irrespective of whether they hold a Medicare card.) Ensure that you and your staff are also fully vaccinated if born during or after 1966.