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Child Protection e-reporting – alternative reporting by fax until 30 March 2018

Child Protection – extension of reporting by fax for non-imminent risk of significant harm only

Some Mandatory Reporters continue to have difficulties registering to e-report through ChildStory. In light of these ongoing difficulties, FACS will continue to accept reports of non-imminent risk of significant harm by fax until 30 March 2018.  Unless otherwise advised, faxes will not be processed following 30 March 2018.

Any staff member who identifies non-imminent risk of significant harm child protection concerns, should endeavour to register and report those concerns via ChildStory as described in the Fact Sheet. If staff are not able to register, staff must either report by phoning the 24 hour FACS Helpline on 13 21 11 or by faxing this form to 1800 212 936.

Staff should also be aware that there may currently be longer than usual delays when contacting the FACS Helpline and the NSW Health CWUs.

 Difficulties registering to e-report and ChildStory Support Team Operation Hours

 Any staff member having difficulty registering to e-report should contact the ChildStory Support team at ChildStory.Support@facs.nsw.gov.au or 1300 356 696.  Staff should not delay reporting while waiting for registration to ChildStory. Reporting should be progressed via phone or fax until an e-report can be made.

Please be aware that ChildStory Support is only available 8am – 6pm Weekdays.

The Ministry of Health is continuing to liaise with FACS to resolve these issues as a matter of priority.