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Letter to clients with a home care approval

Until mid-December the Department of Health is sending tailored letters, in stages, to clients with an existing approval for home care.

The letters are about what the changes to home care packages will mean to individual clients and their situation.

Clients may take action depending on whether they are:

  • receiving care at their approved level – to raise their awareness of the home care reforms and that they can change providers from 27 February if they want to (no action required)
  • receiving care at an interim level – to re-assure them that they will continue to receive home care services at the current level and will be automatically placed on the national priority queue for their approved level (unless they notify My Aged Care otherwise)
  • approved but not yet receiving care – to advise them that their home care approval will move from a broad-banded level to specific level 1,2,3 or 4. Depending on whether the client holds either a recent or historic (pre 1 July 2016) home care approval, they may be automatically moved onto the national prioritisation queue on 27 February, or required to call My Aged Care to confirm their intention to continue seeking home care services.

A fact sheet has been developed to support providers to explain the changes to clients who may contact them after receiving their letter.

View or download the fact sheet Supporting Client Discussions.

A range of other support materials for consumers and providers about the changes are available on the department’s website.