IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress


PROVIDER: International Union for Sexually Transmitted Infections –Asia Pacific, the NZ Sexual Health Society and the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance

DATE: 1 – 3 November 2018

VENUE: Auckland NZ


He muka nō te taura whiri’, ‘Many Strands Make up one Rope’

The proverb refers to the many strands that make up one rope. When the rope is tightly bound, it symbolises unity and strength. When the rope starts to unravel however, it threatens stability and weakens the effectiveness of the rope to the function as it was intended. The Congress is focusing on bringing together the many strands of sexual health in order to provide stability and strength to the sexual health workforce and strengthening bonds between specialists, GPs, nurses, researchers, health promoters, educators and others in Public Health working in the field of sexually transmissible infections including HIV & AIDS and sexual and reproductive health.

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