Invitation to take part in a research project SKAI Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation

We would like to invite general practices to take part in a research project titled SKAI System Testing: A pilot study to test the feasibility of the SKAI package. The SKAI system is a suite of resources for health professionals and parents/carers of babies and young children, designed to support and improve clinical conversations about childhood vaccination. This study will investigate whether the SKAI system can be integrated into established clinical work flows and consultations.

The aim of this study is to test the SKAI system – a vaccination communication and resources package – as it is intended to be used and modify it to ensure it is acceptable to all practice staff and patients, easy to use during and around consultations, and valuable to vaccination providers.

If you express interest in taking part in this study, all staff at your clinic will be invited to participate. The project will use a range of methods: direct observation, semi-structured interviews with clinicians, and patient actors to identify whether and how the system is adapted for use in the clinics, which elements of the system are or are not used, and obstacles to integration of the package within existing workflows. This will enable the SKAI research team to refine the package to ensure it is easy to use and acceptable to vaccination providers. Health professionals who participate in the SKAI training will earn CPD points. Participating clinics will be offered a reimbursement fee to help cover the administrative costs involved in taking part in the study.

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To find out more or if you would like to express interest in participating in this very exciting vaccination project, please contact Penelope.Robinson@sydney.edu.au (Ph: 9114 1311) or Nina.Berry@sydney.edu.au (9114 1327).