WHO International Day of Older Persons 1st October 2017

1st October 2017 was WHO International Day of Older Persons

Aged Care is one of Sydney North Health Network’s key priority areas. Successful Ageing is now more important than ever as our aging population grows. The proportion of residents 65 years and over in Northern Sydney currently equates to 15.5%, (140,498) and this will increase by 43.3% between 2016-2031.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that to ensure the increasing number of older people benefit from universal health coverage, we need to rethink what services we deliver and how we deliver them. Today’s health care systems and social care services are better set up to manage acute conditions than meet the needs of older people. As people age, their health needs tend to become more complex and chronic with a general trend towards declining capacity and an increased likelihood of having more than one chronic condition

To make universal health coverage relevant for older adults, services need to:

  • shift their focus from the management of individual diseases to building and maintaining physical and mental capacities;
  • coordinate across health and social care;
  • extend coverage to meet the needs of all older adults in the poorest communities;
  • ensure sustainability.

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WHO 10 Priorities towards a DECADE OF HEALTHY AGEING

The theme of this year’s SNPHN AGM is Healthy Ageing. To hear more from local experts on how to achieve this register here.

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SNPHN established the Ageing strategy network with the objective to improve quality of and access to primary health care by providing educational and networking opportunities for local health professionals. Current members include GPs, residential care facilities, home care service providers and allied health professionals.  Visit the events page to see when the network is next meeting near you!