Integrated healthcare – moving to the future

APRIL 2017

DATE: Wednesday 5 April 2017

TIME: 8.30 registration to 4.15 close

VENUE: Rosehill Gardens, Rosehill


The Integrated and Community Health Directorate in Western Sydney Local Health District is holding the forum to engage health leaders and clinicians in interactive discussions to progress healthcare integration in western Sydney to achieve optimal health outcomes for patients and the community. The forum will focus on how Western Sydney Local Health District can progress healthcare integration to benefit the community, patients and clinicians across different settings.

Participants will not only hear about best practice in international settings but have the opportunity to take part in workshops to test new approaches and ideas as may be applied to their practice. The day is structured around the themes of:

  • How to achieve system change without breaking it
  • Creating healthy communities
  • Improving clinician-consumer alliances
  • Triple/quadruple aims – achieving a balance
  • System and policy solutions.

REGISTRATION: Register here

MORE INFORMATION: See event flyer.