Influenza Vaccines

Please find below product information (PI) for the quadrivalent influenza vaccines being used in 2016:

  • Fluarix Tetra (NIP – ages 36 months and older) – CLICK ON PDF
  • FluQuadri Jnr (NIP – ages 6 months – 35 months) – CLICK ON PDF
  • FluQuadri (HCW staff health)

The Fluarix Tetra PI discusses two presentations, (1) a prefilled syringe (PFS) with attached needle that has a needle shield that contains natural rubber latex and (2) a PFS with separate needle that has not been made with natural rubber latex.

Please note that the presentation of Fluarix Tetra that will be used in Australia for the NIP in 2016 is the PFS with separate needle and this can be considered latex free.