Improvement to the My Aged Care web referral form

A new web form that will assist healthcare professionals to refer patients to the My Aged Care system is now available for use, part of release five of the online assessment and referral system for Commonwealth-funded aged care services.

There have been significant changes which are intended to:

  • Improve patient and referrer experience by reducing the time for inbound referral handling in the contact centre;
  • Streamline the screening and assessment process by ensuring that accurate and more complete information is provided to assessors and service providers, reflective of information provided by the health professional when making the original referral;
  • Enable the referrer to more easily follow-up on their referrals to My Aged Care by provision of a confirmation ID; and
  • Achieve consistency in referral pathways.

The web referral form allows more information to be captured about a patient and enables health professionals to create a referral that will be processed automatically.

The referral form is available on the My Aged Care website at REFERRAL FORM.

Or phone contact centre – 1800 200 422 (open 8am to 8pm locally Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm locally on Saturday).

Exceptional situations when a client may be accepted for service without an assessment

There are exceptional circumstances where a patient has an immediate need for personal care, nursing, transport or meal services and their safety could be at risk if the services do not start immediately. In these circumstances a health professional may refer to;

  1. A CHSP provider direct to start providing services before referring the client to My Aged Care, or
  2. My Aged Care contact centre who may directly refer the client for interim services while at the same time referring the client to the RAS.

To find a service with availability in your area use the My Aged Care Service Finder.

CLICK HERE for GP Referrals to My Aged Care Fact Sheet June 2016.