Hello Sunday Morning and Daybreak

Hello Sunday Morning is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation helping people to change their relationship with alcohol. This can be achieved by following our social media channels or our alcohol support app Daybreak.

Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning was launched in 2009 by nightclub promoter Chris Raine, who took a year off alcohol and blogged about his experience every weekend. Chris’s blog attracted a huge number of followers and it encouraged many others to also consider their relationship with alcohol. In recent years, Hello Sunday Morning has invested in behaviour change technology aimed at helping people who are struggling with alcohol use. Hello Sunday Morning now focuses on developing its user-friendly harm-minimisation alcohol support app called Daybreak.

Daybreak – Mobile alcohol support in your pocket

Hello Sunday Morning is not evangelical about abstinence, preferring instead to encourage people to reflect on their own relationship with alcohol and decide whether it is a healthy one. Once people have become mindful of this relationship, they can consider making changes through the Daybreak app.

Daybreak comprises three different features; an anonymous forum for 24/7 community support, counsellor and psychologist access through online chat, and a suite of self-directed learning exercises. In August this year, the Australian Department of Health announced funding which enables Australians to access the Daybreak program, free of charge.

Clinical psychologist Briony Leo, one of Hello Sunday Morning’s health coaches, describes Daybreak  as a unique and supportive community: “the fact that it’s available 24/7 means that members are able to access peer support when they need it – at times that they are at risk of drinking – for example, after putting their kids to bed. It can be used as a first step towards changing their relationship with alcohol, or in combination with psychological treatment, depending on their needs. As we know from working with substance use, it is invaluable to have the opportunity to tell our stories and provide and receive support from our peers. Being part of a community that is accepting and focused on making positive changes can provide the setting for lasting change to occur.”

Daybreak can be used as a low-threshold first intervention step. Members remain anonymous, allowing a safe space for them to share their experiences within the Daybreak community.

To find out more, visit www.hellosundaymorning.org, or search for Daybreak in the iOS or Android app stores.

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