Heat and Health: Summer preparedness in general practice

RACGP Webinar:  Wednesday 29 Nov, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM (AEDT)

Extreme heat is a key public health threat in NSW. Australia has entered El Niño and hot, dry conditions are predicted for the upcoming summer.

General practice will bear the brunt of rising heatwaves. Everyone can be at risk if it is hot enough, not just the vulnerable in our community.
How can general practice help prepare our patients for this summer and summers to come?

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify groups at high-risk from heat related illness.
  2. Understand the physiological impacts of heat on thermoregulation and physiology.
  3. Apply current evidence base recommendations to reduce heat related illness.
  4. Deliver evidence-based prevention messages for high-risk groups.

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