Healing the Healers doctor’s retreat

Join Dr Claire Noonan, Dr Amy Imms, and Veronica Sutherland for a healing and inspiring weekend.
Doctor burnout is on the rise, and many are questioning the sustainability of their current work-life arrangement. We need great doctors, but we also need them to survive. Doctors deserve the chance to not only care for others, but also care for themselves. They deserve the opportunity to connect with themselves, rest, enjoy life, and feel truly fulfilled. Claire and Amy care deeply about doctor wellbeing, and have created the Healing The Healers retreats as a space to do this. A chance to set aside time for yourself, remind yourself of who you are and what you want, and provide a space that allows you to reflect and create changes you need.

Date:  Friday 17 March to Sunday 19 March 2023

For more information & to register:  https://theburnoutproject.com.au/autumn2023/