HammondCare Centre for Learning & Research in Palliative Care Research Meeting

JUNE 2018

PROVIDER: HammondCare

DATE: Wednesday 26th June 2018

TIME: 4.30 – 6.00pm

VENUE: Clinical Training Centre, Pallister House, Greenwich Hospital


We are excited to welcome two special guest speakers followed by discussion. They will report on a study that explored the role and experience of multidisciplinary palliative care teams when caring for people with intellectual disability who are dying. This study was led by Dr Michele Wiese and involved a team of researchers at Western Sydney University, Sydney University and HammondCare. As part of this study, the researchers conducted 20 individual, semi-structured interviews with physicians, nurses and allied health workers, who had either cared for, or anticipated caring for, dying people with intellectual disability. They reported multiple challenges, including timing of referrals, carer support needs, and compromised patient communication and decision-making capacity.

This presentation aims to discuss the implications of these findings on the provision of palliative care to people with intellectual disability, with a focus on strategies for improved relationships with the person who is dying, their families and the disability sector.

REGISTRATION: To register, email: mvertoudakis@hammond.com.au