GPs wanted to test new ePROMs application

Throughout 2016, we foresee further exciting advances in IT health. One area that is likely to become part of General Practice’s future is the concept of Patient-Reported Health Outcome Measurements, otherwise known as PROMs. These are quantified questionnaires that measure in particular a person’s functional health status. There are now many reliable and accurate measures for different body systems/body parts that have been used for more than 30 years in clinical trials in Big Pharma to ensure new drugs are consistent with an improved quality of life. Most PROMs are supported by the various medical colleges, and PROM conferences are occurring around the developed world.

eHealthier, a doctor-controlled ePROMs start-up company, is in the process of developing GP-initiated, patient-completed ePROM apps and wishes to ensure they meet the needs of local GPs.

Any GP with an interest in IT, health apps, eHealth , or an interest in health outcomes, that would be happy to help beta test these ePROM apps, please contact Helen Purdy, T (02) 9432 8243, M 0466 238 682 or hpurdy@snhn.org.au. More information is available from the website eHealthier.net.