GPs, please be aware of the changed guideline for women who receive an intermediate risk of cervical cancer result

The guideline was changed in February 2021.

Women with a 12-month follow up HPV (not-16/18) result with LBC prediction negative, pLSIL or LSIL (Intermediate risk result) should be recommended to undertake a further HPV follow up test in 12 months’ time following their previous HPV test instead of referral to colposcopy. A review of the national clinical program data shows that women at Intermediate Risk whose follow-up test is human papillomavirus HPV (not-16/18) positive, Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) prediction negative, possible or  low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (pLSIL or LSIL) will have a low likelihood of histologically-confirmed high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (CIN2/3) or worse.

Some groups of women may be at higher risk of harbouring a high-grade abnormality and should be referred to colposcopy if HPV is detected at 12 months, regardless of the LBC result. These include:

  • women 2 or more years overdue for screening at the time of the initial screen
  • Women who identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Women aged 50 years or older.

Visit the NCSP website for more information.