Access the GP Diabetes Hotline via Sydney North HealthPathways (SNHP)

GP Diabetes Hotline – available 24 hours

GPs should contact the GP Diabetes Hotline for advice and information on treating adult patients who show any of the following:

  • Are poorly controlled, requiring complex treatment.
  • Have recurrent hypoglycaemic episodes.
  • Whose diabetes is deteriorating rapidly and they may need imminent hospitalisation or treatment escalation.

 To view this information and further Diabetes HealthPathways, including the newly published Diabetes Education pathway, visit https://sydneynorth.healthpathways.org.au/

If you are not already using SNHP, you can request access by emailing the Team at healthpathways@snhn.org.au

For a full overview of how SNHP is progressing, including new and updated pathways, see January 2018 Program Progress.