Filtering through the impact of chronic kidney disease on CVD

Date:  29th September 2022

Time:  8PM AEST  Live and recorded, free Zoom webinar

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  • The role of early detection of renal risk factors for cardiovascular disease
  • Optimal management of lipids and blood pressure to slow progression of CKD and lower CVD risk
  • Explore the association between chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease in First Nations people

Multidisciplinary care for individuals living with CKD and CVD risk factors in general practiceSpeakers: 

  • Prof. George Bakris (International speaker), Professor of Medicine @ University of Chicago
  • Prof. Merlin Thomas, Clinician Scientist & Program Leader @ Department of Diabetes at Monash University
  • Prof. William Majoni, Senior Staff Specialist in Nephrology & Internal Medicine & Director of Renal Services @ Top End Health Services
  • Dr Alison Edwards, General Practitioner @ Broughton Clinic
  • Prof. Garry Jennings (Chair), Chief Medical Advisor of the Heart Foundation