Expression of Interest – Frailty Screening and Management Analysis Program

About Frailty

Frailty is a common syndrome that can affect up to 25% of your patients aged 70 and over. Frailty can increase your patients’ risk of falls, contribute to prolonged hospital stays, cause a decline in function, and increase the likelihood of institutionalisation and death.
Many of the causes of frailty can be managed and, in some cases reversed to create better health outcomes and quality of life for your patients.

The Initiative

The SNHN and NSLHD Frailty Initiative is running a frailty screening program to support early identification, and develop pathways to appropriate evidence-based management. The initiative was launched in 2018 and information and resources have been developed and distributed to practices to support the use of the Frail Scale and management plan.

The next stage in the project is to work with general practices to understand the use of the Frail Scale and its impact on patients, as well as identifying the barriers to referral and uptake of recommended interventions.

What is Involved in The Frailty Analysis Program?

  • Practices must agree to screen for frailty using the Frail Scale for eligible patients aged 75 and over for a 6-month period commencing May 2021.
  • Practices must be able to utilise the PEN Top Bar Frailty app
  • Practices must be willing to:
    • receive pop up reminders to score patient 75 and over
    • enrol patients with a positive frailty into the CAT Program
    • record data on patient scores, diagnosis, and referral information
    • run and submit monthly reports (Top Bar)
  • Incentive payments will be provided and payable after each monthly report is received with a minimum number of patients screened (to be agreed with the practice)

How to Express an Interest

To express your interest in participating in the Frailty Analysis Program or to be contacted for further information, please click here and complete the following details:

Full Name:

For more information on Frailty and the frailty screening and management tools please refer to our website www.snhn.org.au/programs/frailty

For more information, please contact Debra Clark
E: dclark@snhn.org.au P: 94328208