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Expression of Interest Black Dog Institute StepCare Service

Expression of Interest Black Dog Institute StepCare Service

StepCare is an innovative digital mental health assessment and intervention program delivered in general practice waiting rooms. StepCare supports GPs to provide timely, cost-efficient early intervention and treatment for patients 18 and over. Sydney North Health Network is currently seeking Expression of Interests from general practices willing to implement the StepCare Service within their practice for 12 months commencing November 2018.


Overview of the StepCare Service

The StepCare Service supports GPs to assess and manage mental health in the same way that physical health is managed; through regular universal screening, monitoring and review. The StepCare Service provides GPs with the tools to:

  • Identify adults with anxiety, depression and/or at-risk behaviours
  • Recommend evidence based stepped prevention, early intervention and treatment
  • Link patients to a mental health care solution tailored to the severity of their symptoms
  • Monitor patient progress, symptoms and treatment adherence, providing feedback to both patient and GP


How it Works
  1. All Patients are invited to complete a brief online screening assessment for anxiety, depression and alcohol use on a mobile tablet in the waiting room, receiving results immediately
  2. Assessment results, treatment recommendations and conversational prompts are sent to the GP’s patient management software in real-time
  3. GP talks with patient about their assessment results and recommended treatment (if needed)
  4. Patient completes fortnightly online assessments via email or SMS for 18 weeks.  Results are sent to both the patient and GP
  5. Patient’s treatment can be stepped up by the GP if their condition deteriorates


Benefits of the StepCare Service
  • Supports GPs to identify anxiety, depression, suicidality and risky drinking and promote early intervention
  • GP reports include evidenced based treatment recommendations and conversational prompts matched to symptom severity
  • Ongoing monitoring of the patient’s progress, incorporating safety and risk monitoring through regular online patient assessments which are shared with the patient and GP
  • Free patient assessment that integrates into the general practice workflow and clinical software easily
  • Ongoing support and resources from the Black Dog StepCare Service team and support from the PHN StepCare implementation team
  • Access to and support from Black Dog Institute Clinical Services


Practice Requirements

If your general practice is interested in participating, the following need to be in place for implementation:

  • Using at least Lava Service Pack 3 for Best Practice or Version 3 of Medical Director software.
  • Using up-to-date versions of HealthLink or Medical Objects secure messaging or be willing to have one of these installed to use for the StepCare service (at no cost).
  • Recruit GPs who are committed to completing StepCare service training and using the service on an ongoing basis.
  • Be willing to provide de-identified evaluation data to the Black Dog Institute as required and as agreed with the PHN.
  • Nominate a key contact for the StepCare service.


To express your interest, please complete the form below.

I wish to express my interest in the projectI am interested but would like more information

Does your practice have Medical Director (Version 3 or higher) OR Best Practice (Lava Service Pack 3 or higher) software?


Does your practice have Healthlink or Medical Objects secure messaging software (if not, are you willing to have it installed?)


Does your practice have access to wifi?


Will you commit to providing de-identified evaluation data e.g. about the acceptability and feasibility of the StepCare Service?