EOI: Seeking General Practices, GP’s, Practice Nurses and Practice Staff for COVID-19 Respiratory Clinics

Deadline extended as of 18/03/2020.

SNHN is seeking expressions of interest from accredited general practices in suitable locations to rapidly establish COVID-19 respiratory clinics that will have assessment, treatment and testing capabilities for the local community. This includes capacity to accept patients over and above the practice’s usual population. Clinics will be block funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

We are also seeking interest from GPs, Practice Nurses and practice staff that are willing to be placed on a roster to staff respiratory clinics established at other sites within our region.

Preferred site specifications:

Physical requirements

– Located in either a temporary or existing structure that gives protection from the weather

– Direct external access that does not require patients to transit through any other part of the General Practice

– Wheelchair access and other standard disability access requirements

– Well ventilated, ideally with separate air conditioning system to rest of practice

– Access to toilets for patients (separate to usual practice toilet) and staff

– At least two isolation rooms for assessment

– Sufficient isolation rooms or other arrangements for patients to wait for assessment. Alternate, workable arrangements might include patients waiting in cars for assessment, or if this is not possible, the waiting area needs to be large enough to provide separate areas for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients and provide at least 1 metre of distance between all patients


Physical location

– Close proximity to sufficient car parking

– Close proximity to public transport (where relevant)

– Accessible by other patient transport services (including ambulance)

– Priority given to practices located within area of need (e.g. high proportion or vulnerable population) or under serviced area (e.g. not in close proximity to local health authority influenza clinic)



– Adequate facilities for hand hygiene (at minimum hand washing facilities in each examination room and access to alcohol based hand rub in all other areas)

– Reliable water and electricity supply

– Access to telephone and computer networks

– Access to patient management system

– Online or telephone appointment scheduling capacity



– At least one clinician per examination room (nurse or GP); if nurses reviewing patients then at least one GP providing oversight in addition

– At least one clerical/triage staff member


Waste disposal

– Facilities to dispose of all waste appropriately in accordance with standard precautions


Personal protective and other medical equipment

– If possible, local supplies of gloves, gowns and goggles (Dept. of Health will provide masks and assist with finding other supplies)

– Adequate supplies of other medical equipment e.g. stethoscopes, examination tables, diagnostic testing equipment


Accreditation requirements

– Run by accredited General Practice

– Willingness to comply with compulsory infection control training and external quality assurance procedures

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