Electronic BreastScreen NSW results now available to GPs

BreastScreen NSW has begun a phased introduction of electronic delivery of BreastScreen results to GP practice management software using secure messaging.

In the near future the vast majority of results, except for patients who have undergone a biopsy or who require surgical management, will be delivered directly into the GP’s PMS if the woman has provided her GP’s details. They will continue to be sent by post to the woman within two weeks of the mammogram, and for those whose have had a biopsy will be sent by fax or post to the GP.

The service is only available for users of MedicalDirector and Best Practice at present, with either the Medical-Objects or HealthLink secure messaging service. GPs using other PMSs are still receiving the results by fax or post. BreastScreen NSW says recalls and reminders will still have to be manually set in the PMS after clinical review of the result letter. Practices can opt-out of the new system and they will continue to receive all BreastScreen NSW results via post/fax.