Early childhood nutrition webinars

A series of free RACGP-accredited early childhood nutrition webinars that have been developed for health professionals, including general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals.

Upcoming webinars (delivered by an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Child and Family Health Nurse Educator or general practitioner) include:
• Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Basics: 8th March 7-8:30pm – link
• Managing Common Infant Feeding Challenges – case studies: 22nd March 7-8pm – link
• How to support parents with starting solids 30th March 7-8pm – link
• Supporting Children with Fussy Eating Behaviours – Theory 5th April 7-8pm – link
• Supporting Children with Fussy Eating Behaviours – Case Studies 12th April 7-8pm – link

In addition to our professional webinars, we also offer separate parent webinars that can be accessed here: Parenting Webinars (karitane.com.au)