Doing nutrition better: A fresh approach


PROVIDER: The University of Sydney

DATE: Saturday 5 November, 9am –3pm


For too long our traditional approaches to nutrition in Australia have failed to deliver the desired outcomes. Two thirds of us are obese or overweight. Many are on fad diets that don’t work and might even be harmful, and others try unsuccessfully to follow official dietary guidelines. Why is it so hard?

This workshop will present a new approach to nutrition which will explain why we find it so hard to follow nutritional advice in modern food environments that work against our biology. Armed with a new understanding of our biology, we will combine this with the psychology to deliver approaches for nutritional behaviour change.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. In the first session, David Raubenheimer, Professor of Nutritional Ecology and Nutrition, will discuss a new view of nutrition, and show how it has been used to understand dietary choices and their consequences in many non-human species. He will then show how the approach has provided a new understanding of problems in human nutrition, including hidden dangers of some popular fad diets an explanation for why they don’t work.

The second part of the day will be lead by Margaret Allman-Farinelli, Professor of Dietetics, and her session will provide the audience with a practical approach to incorporating behaviour change techniques to support individuals for positive change to their diets and healthy habit formation. Furthermore it will show you how to harness technology to deliver individual nutrition behaviour change programs to large numbers of people.

Whether you are interested in improving your skills in face-to-face counselling or in using or designing websites and apps to reach a larger community, this program will offer a real world and interactive approach.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course has no formal prerequisites or prior knowledge. It is designed for anyone with an interest in nutrition, be that dietitians, nurses, doctors, vets, teachers and interested members of the public. Everyone is welcome to register but places are strictly limited.

COST: $95 general; $65 students

MORE INFORMATION: Please visit http://sydney.edu.au/perkins/education/short-course/doing-nutrition-better.shtml or email cpc.re@sydney.edu.au

REGISTRATION: Places are limited for this course. To register please visit www.sydney.edu.au/perkins