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Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

Dealing with Anxiety Disorders


PROVIDER: Black Dog Institute
DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2016
TIME: 9:00am – 5:00pm
VENUE: Black Dog Institute – Hospital Road Randwick, NSW, 2031


This highly interactive 6 hour workshop aims to provide GPs with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of anxiety disorders together with an extensive range of skills and strategies to better manage anxiety in their practices. Clinical scenarios form the basis of the learning as participants explore how anxiety disorders arise, how they are maintained and the role general practitioners can play in addressing these effectively. The program aims to further develop the core skills necessary for GPs providing FPS services in their practices. Extensive opportunities for skills practice and case discussion throughout the day will assist GPs to gain further confidence and competence in the effective use of psychological strategies.

COST: $360.00
CPD: Cat 1 ALM, providing 40 QI&CPD points, Focused Psychological Strategies CPD, 30 PRPD points with ACRRM.
ENQUIRIES: Michael van Dyk, Project Manager NSW & ACT Black Dog Institute phone 9382 9513 or email m.vandyk@blackdog.org.au.