Care and Support Directed by the Consumer Forum


PROVIDER: The University of Sydney, Flinders University, Kolling Institute and NSLHD

DATE: Wednesday 12 October 2016, 8.00am to 4.30pm

VENUE: Northside Conference Centre, Sydney


The conference is funded as part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant Project LP110200079. Registration is complimentary.

The Forum is for consumers and health professionals who are committed to improving care and support services in the community and making them more ‘client centred’. It will explore the introduction of Consumer Directed Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme with a view to developing strategies to inform their implementation.

It will be bringing together key stakeholders including; consumers, service providers, researchers, policy and program makers.

Topics will include:

  • Care and support Services for people both under and over 75 years of age (CDC Services)
  • Care and Support Services for people 18 to 40 year of age (NDIS Services)
  • Care and Support Services for people 40 to 65 year of age (NDIS Services)
  • Quality of Life: The Ultimate Outcome for Consumers
  • Community Service as a Lived Experience: The Consumer View
  • Making Rhetoric Reality: Achieving Care and Support Directed by the Consumer

Learning Objectives:

  • Identification of the issues and challenges facing consumers and carers
  • The identification of what needs to happen to achieve care directed by the consumer in the community sector from both the provider and client perspectives
  • Strategies to support the change to consumer directed care

ENQUIRIES: Please contact Dr Liz Gill at the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research in the Kolling Institute by phone 9926 4967, or by email liz.gill@sydney.edu.au.

REGISTRATION: Registration is essential if you would like to attend. Click here for the registration form. You can also register online: https://tas.currinda.com/register/event/1456