Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Services

Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders (Indigenous) are Australia’s First nations peoples, whom are the bearers of Australia’s traditional culture and heritage.

Indigenous Australians commonly experience poorer health, live shorter lives and have twice the number of death rates than compared to non-Indigenous Australians. Many social and genetic factors contribute to a health disadvantage that affect Indigenous peoples more so than their non-Indigenous Australian counterparts. Approximately 2 in 3 Indigenous Australians report that they experience at least one long term condition. The most common conditions include mental health issues, heart disease and circulation problems, diabetes, cancer, respiratory (asthma) conditions, eye and hearing problems.

In order to address the large difference of health problems between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, the following healthcare pathways have been developed. These pathways and services are designed to assist Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community members to access health care, more easily and to address their concerns and conditions more appropriately and effectively.

A wide range of other non-Indigenous specific, Mental Health services are also available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the Northern Sydney region, and can be accessed with a GP referral via Sydney North Health Network, Mental Health Triage, service Ph: 1300 782 391.

For guidance or more information please speak to your GP or a Health Professional.

See Northern Sydney Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Services & Resources listed below.

Name:Gaimaragal Group

The “Çaber-ra nanga” (Gaimaragal word meaning, ‘Peace of mind’) ENGAGE project, in collaboration with Relationships Australia is a service that specifically provides culturally safe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Mental Health services. Indigenous staff will assist in service coordination, establishing community based programs and client advocacy. Culturally appropriate information, education, support and referral processes that promote improved mental health & well-being.

Referral Required:No

Name:Integrated Team Care (ITC)/ Aboriginal Health Service
Location:North Shore Local Hospital District (NSLHD) & Bungee Bidgel (Hornsby Hospital, GP Clinic)

The ITC program contributes to the improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic health conditions through better access to coordinated and multidisciplinary care. This program is delivered via NSLHD Aboriginal Health Service (AHS).
Bungee Bidgel Aboriginal Health Clinic is a local community health initiative supported by the NSLHD.

A GP referral is required for ITC program registration.

Referral Required:Yes

Name:Odyssey House
Location:24 Olga Street, Chatswood NSW
Phone:1800 397 739

Odyssey House provides non-residential rehabilitation services to clients who are adults with alcohol and other drug dependencies and co-morbid conditions including chronic health, behavioural and psychological issues. Services include individual and group counselling, care coordination and aftercare support.

Direct referral – (02) 9281 5144,
GP Referral- SNPHN Mental Health Triage Ph: 1300 782 391

Referral Required:No

Name:Primary and Community Care Services Ltd - Psychological Access+

“Psychological Access+” provides mental health support including psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health workers (with specific mental health qualifications) throughout NSW.

Referral Required:Yes

Name:Relationships Australia
Phone:1300 364 277

Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. Their aim is to support all people in Australia to achieve positive and respectful relationships.

Relationships Australia is a community-based, not-for-profit Australian organisation with no religious affiliations. Services are for all members of the community, regardless of religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, cultural background or economic circumstances.

Referral Required:No

Name:SNPHN Mental Health Triage
Phone:1300 782 391

The Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) has commissioned a range of flexible mental health, drug and alcohol, and suicide prevention services to meet the needs of the community. The aim is to provide streamlined access to the most appropriate level and type of care, whilst also supporting general practice and the wider mental health sector

Referral Required:No