Closing The Gap Day

As a nation, we have changed the way we talk about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. As a nation we can now take the next step to Close the health and life expectancy Gap.

Recommit to health equality by simply registering and hosting an activity on 17 March. Show you care, raise awareness and take action to Close the Gap by 2030.

Your event could range from something as simple as putting up a poster information board in your GP practice using the Close the Gap posters, to running a community healthcheck or health awareness session, free blood pressure testing or offering basic first aid training. It could be a cake sale to raise money for Oxfam’s indigenous project or a CPD talk provided by a guest speaker on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health trends and solutions.

After 10 years, positive change is happening. We are seeing improvements on the ground such as significant improvements in maternal and child health and reductions in smoking rates. But, with a 10-17 year gap in life expectancy remaining, there is still a long way to go to achieve health equality within a generation.

To ensure we have continued genuine partnerships between Australia’s governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, we need to remind governments of their responsibility and commitments to Close the Gap.

By registering an event you are showing your support for the cause and commitment to Close the Gap.

Please, spread the word about NCTGD – REGISTER AN EVENT and share your photos on Facebook, Twitter @closethegapOZ and Instagram @closethegapcampaign using #closethegap.

This can’t wait.

Be part of the generation who closes the gap.