Clevertar – Li-CBT Digital Coach for mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety

Clevertar’s Low Intensity CBT program, authored by Flinders University, is a 12-module program delivered on a time-gated schedule, which allows for goal setting and attainment in response to session content.

We are seeking expressions of interest from practices wanting to offer a digital option to help manage mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression. The program begins with an assessment and triage session that allocates the patient to a program depending on their level of psychological distress.

The Li-CBT Framework that scaffolds the Clevertar program has been informed and developed using evidence-based assessment, measurement and treatment programs that have been shown to improve patients’ anxiety and depression and develop a sustained resilience by fostering and enhancing their strengths.

Please see a demonstrative example of the tool here.

Please read the expression of interest here, and register your interest at Clevertar@snhn.org.au.