Check out the latest developments in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Program

The SNPHN Alcohol and Other Drugs Needs Assessment Report (2016) identified that our region has one of the lowest rates in NSW of self-reported alcohol consumption at levels likely to pose lifetime risk, while recording the highest rate of alcohol attributable hospitalisations in NSW.

SNPHN is committed to support GPs and other primary-care workers in providing care to patients with drug and alcohol issues.

With this is mind, we have created webpages with links to guidelines, local services, patient information leaflets and primary care support for Alcohol, Cannabis and Opioids. As these fields are rapidly changing, we are frequently updating our resources.


Clinical Attachments

As part of the SNPHNs commitment to supporting GPs, we will be offering paid clinical attachments with the Local Health District (LHD) in drug and alcohol. These will take the form of clinics in General Drug and Alcohol Outpatients, Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) clinics, and inpatient services. CPD points are available.

For more information, see contacts below.

Alcohol and Other Drugs —Webinars

Coming soon to a computer near you: a series of alcohol and other drug webinars sponsored by the SNPHN.

Opioid Treatment Accreditation Course (OTAC)

For those interested in becoming a registered prescriber under the NSW Opioid Treatment Program, please visit www.otac.org.au.

The OTAC course involves a short online Fundamentals Training Course that is truly excellent, a one-day face-to-face session and a half-day clinic attachment. More information.

Do you know?

….about a service called DASAS (Drug and Alcohol Specialist Advisory Service), that provides phone advice to healthcare professionals on drug effects , withdrawal symptoms, referral options, therapeutics and general management of patients with drug and alcohol issues. It is a 24-hour service manned by trained medical specialists. A great number to have in your address book for an emergency.

Ph: 93618006/ 1800 023 687

New NSW Cannabis Advisory Service

A Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service has been established to provide expert advice and support to NSW health care professionals.
For more information click here.


For further information about Alcohol and other drugs, or suggestions on educational events, please contact

Mariska Barnett: mbarnett@snhn.org.au