Celebrating NAIDOC 2016

From 3-10 July marks NAIDOC 2016, a time to connect, share and celebrate the oldest culture in the world.

This year the theme focuses on “Songlines” the dreaming tracks that trace the journey of the ancestral spirits that created the land, animals and lores of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Songlines are a route through the country’s landscape that was travelled during the Dreamtime by spirits who “sung the land into life”.

The theme allows Australians from all walks of life to explore how through Songlines, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people remain connected to Country and have been able to maintain and share sacred stories and ceremonies for tens of thousands of years.

Songlines are recorded in traditional music, stories dance and art, and this week is a chance to experience and celebrate the oldest stories ever written as well as take part in a range of other activities to support local indigenous communities.

To get involved in or to find or more about NAIDOC Week visit: http://www.naidoc.org.au/.