Call Me Dad – possibly the first film to ever witness and capture a men’s behaviour change program, and the voice of the perpetrator – tells the story of a group of men who have perpetrated or are at risk of perpetrating domestic violence.  The film follows the stories of three men as they attempt to take responsibility for their violence.  It asks the question, can a violent man change? 

 At stake is the safety of children and partners, the stability of families, and the power we as a society have to intervene. These men have problems expressing anger, and other strong emotions without resorting to abuse – verbal or physical. We follow these men as they attempt to change and heal their most precious relationships.

Call Me Dad will be broadcast on the ABC on 26 November at 8.30pm – during the 16 days of international activism against gendered violence. That week the ABC will roll-out a domestic violence programming focus across all of its media channels. Film producers Media Stockade also have an extensive promotional and outreach campaign planned with partners including White Ribbon, Fair Agenda, the NRL and the Women’s Electoral Lobby.

A series of public screenings will be hosted by many organisations and businesses around the nation and we are encouraging communities and organisations to consider hosting their own community screenings.

This would provide a valuable opportunity to come together as a group, discuss the film and identify ways we can all play a part in addressing domestic violence in our own communities.

Visit the Call Me Dad Facebook page or the Call Me Dad website to find out more about the film.

 How to participate

1. Host a public screeningapply online to receive the DVD and support kit with materials and ideas on how to promote your event. You could start a Facebook event page and/or work with your local White Ribbon ambassador, community organisations and councillors to hold a post screening discussion with the aim to create ACTION. Some action ideas might include a community pledge, a fundraiser for a local refuge or simply the commitment to continue discussion and awareness programs in the community.

2. Organise a cinema screeningFan Force is an exciting new web based platform that delivers high quality films on demand straight to your chosen cinema.

You invite people to the screening you want to host. If enough tickets are reserved the screening goes ahead. If it doesn’t get the numbers required the host can try again later but no one loses any money.


The public screening licence fee and screening kit is $300.00 and multi-site licence fees can be negotiated by contacting Teri or Emma atdads@mediastockade.com.