Eldery People - Festive Season

Call to Action: Checking in on Elderly People over the Festive Season

As we move into the Christmas and Festive Season it is easy to lose focus on what is important when you are so busy trying to get a Chrissie feast on the table or get to all of the sales. The Sydney North Health Network are putting the message out this holiday season to make sure you check in with elderly members of your community who can sometimes be forgotten over Christmas and New Year.

“Christmas and the New Year period can be can be a time of extreme loneliness for some elderly people in our community. Experiences of loss and bereavement can be heightened during this period and the hot weather can have serious health and medical impacts,” says Sydney North Health Network CEO Lynelle Hales.

“We are asking residents of the Northern Sydney region and indeed all Australians, to reach out, check in, and spend time with elderly family members, neighbours and ageing members of the community during this challenging time of year for vulnerable and isolated populations. With around 16% (140,498 people) of the total Northern Sydney population aged over 65-years-old, there’s bound to be an elderly person residing near you,” encourages Ms Hales.