Assessing the Standards: residential aged care services


This online workshop is designed to provide participants from residential aged care services with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to undertake a self-assessment and prepare for performance assessment against the Quality Standards.

The workshop includes practical activities designed to help participants understand the processes undertaken by the Commission during performance assessments; use the Commission’s self-assessment tool to evidence performance; and identify opportunities for improvement.

Please note: the case studies and content discussed throughout the online workshops are consistent with the content previously delivered through the face-to-face sessions.


Through active participation in this online workshop participants will be able to:

Understand the principles that inform the Commission’s approach to performance assessment
Understand and describe how they and other staff contribute to the achievement of quality outcomes for consumers
Use the self-assessment tool to gather and analyse information to evidence performance against the Quality Standards and/or identify opportunities for improvement
Contribute effectively to their organisation’s continuous improvement systems.


The workshops are aimed at staff from residential aged care homes / organisations including:

Care / unit / facility / regional managers
Registered nurses
Quality managers and coordinators
Educators and trainers
Service managers
Quality managers
Supervisors and team leaders
Participants are expected to have a sound knowledge and understanding of the Aged Care Quality Standards and their application.


$110 per participant (includes GST).

Participants must have a reliable internet connection to participate in an online workshop. This is necessary to ensure you can see the workshop content, engage with other participants and take part in the interactive discussions.