Do you work with people with dementia? Become an Agent of Change!

Become an Agent of Change! Join an online Collaborative with other professionals and be supported to develop your own action plan to improve access to either occupational therapy, exercise, or carer support (professionals can choose one of these).

Agents of Change is a research project recently funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre. The project aims to improve the implementation of three key recommendations from the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dementia in Australia:

  1. ‘People living in the community should be offered occupational therapy (reflecting evidence based programs)’
  2. ‘People with dementia should be strongly encouraged to exercise’
  3. ‘Carers and family should have access to programs to support and optimise their ability to provide care for the person with dementia, including respite’

The project is designed to be ‘light touch’ and to give clinicians the autonomy to make changes that are sustainable for them.

Participating will fulfill a year’s worth of CPD requirements for almost all professions (we can help clinicians to confirm this with their professional body) and clinicians will receive a $1000 stipend to present their work at a conference or meeting of their choice. Professionals can work anywhere in Australia as the program is all online.

Learn More: please contact Monica Cations (trial coordinator)
phone: 0882752827 or email monica.cations@flinders.edu.au