Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation – National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, 11-17 November 2019  

Australia is on track to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035. The National Cervical Cancer Screening Program offers screening to almost all women aged 25 to 74 years.

December 2019 marks 2 years since the introduction of the “National Cervical Screening Program Renewal”, therefore, all women should have had a screening under the new system and now be in the new Program.

The tagline this year is “5 minutes of your time, for 5 years peace of mind”, whilst also asking “Are you up-to-date?”. Reminding women that if they haven’t already done so, to put themselves first and make sure they are up-to-date with their cervical screening.

Further information, including resources, can be obtained by contacting Leisa Ashton at leisa.ashton@accf.org.au or visiting the ACCF website.