APAC Conference – from 12th-14th September

This year, for the first time, Asia Pacific’s premier healthcare conference will convene in Sydney. Running from 12-14 September 2016, the APAC forum is a unique platform which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Australian population

The Forum is set to attract the biggest delegation of change-makers Australia has ever seen. It is your chance to network with global thought leaders, frontline teams and likeminded professionals who are pioneering change and making a real difference to the lives of their patients, their organisations, and the health care sector.

The 2016 APAC Forum is centered on the notion of exploring and determining the next frontier of health system transformation; using DNA as a metaphor for the many individuals, organisations, and sectors that make up the “life blood” of health systems.

Take the opportunity to get involved by submitting a poster to share your successes and your ideas with like-minded professionals. You can find out how here: http://koawatea.co.nz/apac-forum/posters/.

The forum is also showcasing excellence in health improvement and celebrating best practice locally, nationally and internationally with the Ko Awatea Awards. Entry to the awards is open to individuals, teams and organisations who are proud of the work they, or their colleagues, have undertaken in transforming and improving patient care or the health and wellbeing of communities. For more information and award guidelines visit http://koawatea.co.nz/apac-forum/excellence-awards/.

In five short years the APAC Forum has become one of the largest health improvement conferences in the world and it’s already hailed as the best. For more information on how to get involved, visit the forum webpage at http://koawatea.co.nz/apac-forum/.