Anti-smoking Campaign

The Cancer Institute’s Break the Chain advertising campaign is now airing across Australian television networks until 30 May. The television ad depicts an Aboriginal woman holding a family photograph and talking about the reasons that she quit smoking – so her kids wouldn’t grow up thinking death and disease were normal.

During this campaign period, GPs and health Professionals are being asked to have a conversation with their patients who smoke to discuss the importance of quitting and what support is available to quit.

Research shows that encouragement and brief advice from health professionals often leads to action. The majority of people who smoke are interested in quitting but not necessarily ready to take action.

Helping your patients to quit

GPs can refer their patients to the NSW Quitline by completing a referral form at www.cancerinstitute.org.au/quitline/make-referral-to-quitline. The NSW Quitline includes the Aboriginal Quitline, an individually tailored and culturally sensitive service for Aboriginal callers.

More information visit iCanQuit.com.au.