After Hours GP Helpline Increases Continuity of Care Support

There have been recent enhancements to the after-hours GP helpline service to improve clinical handover and continuity of care. People who call the after hours GP helpline speak with a healthdirect helpline nurse, who assesses the caller and determines if they will benefit from speaking with a telephone-based GP.

Callers can now elect to have:

  • a care advice summary sent to them by SMS or email
  • an event summary sent to their regular general practice
  • an encounter summary uploaded to their My Health Record

The after hours GP helpline number is 1800 022 222. It is free (on landlines and some mobile phones) and provides consumers with access to trusted health advice during the after hours period. The service was established to complement existing after hours services as well as give people greater choice, as the only option for many Australians with health concerns in the after hours period was to visit an emergency department. The helpline is provided on behalf of the Australian Government.

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