Accredited Health Coaching Australia Courses – ‘Health Coaching in Primary Care’

Accredited Health Coaching Australia Courses – ‘Health Coaching in Primary Care’


This practical, evidence-based training will help you effectively manage clients who are struggling to adopt healthier behaviours. Health coaching increases the chances of patients implementing and maintaining health behaviour change, achieving better outcomes and greater satisfaction for both patients and practitioners.

Lifestyle change can help prevent, manage and prevent progression of many lifestyle conditions. Health professionals in primary care play a vital role in providing support to clients with chronic conditions who would benefit from lifestyle change.

Incorporation of the health coaching framework into primary care can improve patient outcomes. Learn simple strategies to transform your client’s mindset and move them towards change.

What we cover in this training:

  • The coaching mindset and principles
  • Evidence for a coaching approach in primary care
  • – Effective questioning and communication techniques to facilitate change
  • Strategies to increase and maintain motivation
  • Supporting clients to overcome barriers and challenges
  • Exploring resistance and reluctance to change
  • How to shift responsibility for action from the health professional to the client
  • Supporting clients to set goals and take action


8 interactive webinars (recordings available on demand)

Practice coaching sessions and feedback

Downloadable handouts and client resources

Dates – 30th September – 18th November   (There will be another Health Coaching in Primary Care running from the beginning of next year – date and time TBC).

Time – 7pm (1-hour weekly webinars)

Cost – $600


Shivaun Conn, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Health Coach, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Director of Discovery Health Coaching, and Accredited Health Coaching Australia, co-author of the nationally accredited Victoria University Diploma of Health Coaching, and Vice President of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Sharon Curtain, Dietitian, Health Coach, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Trained Facilitator, Director of Accredited Health Coaching Australia and creator and author of the nationally accredited Victoria University Diploma of Health Coaching.

Further Information

Information about this course and other health coaching courses can be found via our website: https://www.accreditedhealthcoaching.com.au/online-courses or email Sharon or Shivaun: info@accreditedhealthcoaching.com.au

Target Audience – This course is ideal for general practitioners, practice nurses and allied health practitioners working in the primary care setting.